Marathon Completed!

This post is a part of Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge

“Happiness is … ”

The task is to complete the sentence and grow it.

Happiness is teaching a child a new word, listening to the child saying it, sleeping to the sounds of rain, long weekend, going to an air-conditioned mall on a hot summer afternoon, buying a new book, the smell of its new pages, petrichor, writing an article, getting an idea, listening to a favourite singer, completing a dull/difficult book, ten hours of sleep, Friday evening, visiting a book shop, a well spent day, learning a new word and using it, doing nothing, meeting old friends, chatting with friends at ungodly hours, anticipating the next book in a favourite series, knowing that there is another season of our favourite tv show, clean environment, making parents proud, teasing the siblings, solving a problem, etc.

Happiness is completing this Blogger marathon. I had many glitches at first but gained momentum in the second half and managed to finish.

Happiness is being able to find happiness in these many instances.




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