Perfection is an Illusion


Have you ever come up with something new or made up a new word or a quote and felt like an Archimedes, only to know that it was there already? I have experienced that many times including this “Perfection is Illusion” situation. I was so happy thinking that I was the first to phrase it until I found out that it was not new. Theories and ideas are not exclusive. An idea pops out in the brains of many, but only a few are smart enough or have time to recognise and work on it. Sometimes I think that if Theory of Relativity hadn’t struck Einstein, someone else would have come up with that, explained it better that Einstein or even proved it.

We are scared of trying out new things fearing that we won’t be perfect. This world is a place of beautiful imperfections. Earth is not a perfect sphere, Evolution is not attaining perfection. Efficiency and excellence are important not perfection.

Here I am, trying to write something for the prompt, getting uncomfortable (I am scared of prompts). We have to get uncomfortable and put ourselves to the test to find out what we can achieve. Who would care if I had written something wrong, used many adverbs, used passive voice or messed up the tense? But that doesn’t mean we have to actively make mistakes and shouldn’t try to improve.

If you want to sing, play the guitar, learn skating, learn a new language, write a story, learn to drive, play football, design clothes, cook then do it. But make sure no one is around because hurting others is not the aim. No one can stop us except us.


10 thoughts on “Perfection is an Illusion

  1. I will learn new things regardless who is around. My acquisition of knowledge or skills does not hurt anybody else. It’s about me, not them, and if they can’t stand that someone else has something that they don’t have, that’s on them.

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    1. True true:). what I meant was that we can sing or cook bt shouldnt hurt others ears or stomach by testing it on them. i mean that was supposed to be funny. i should work on it 😂


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