The Room on the Roof- Ruskin Bond

I am back with another Ruskin Bond.

A Sixteen- year old Anglo- Indian orphan boy Rusty, living in a European part of Dehradun in Post independent India, runs away from his strict guardian and boring life to live with his newfound Indian friends. He enjoys the warmth of friendship, discovers the taste of Paani pooris and Aalo tikkas and experiences Love. This new life didn’t last long and again he finds himself in a path that goes nowhere. Not wanting to be stuck in a friendless and loveless Dehradun he decides to leave for England, and now fate changes its mind shows him his friend and fills their hearts with hope. They return to Dehradun.

What I liked about the Book.

The cover, the illustrations, the clockless clock tower, the warm spring morning sun gently knocking the doors and windows, Raging monsoon, the dog- Prickly pear, the bazaar cow- Lakshmi, the chaat shop, Dehradun holi, the forest, Rusty’s room on the roof what is there not to like?

Rusty’s anger coming out and his teen thoughts are narrated beautifully.
This is undoubtedly a “Read with me” book.

I read another book “The Apartment”- by Danielle Steele.


This will be my only Danielle Steele and is not a “Read with me” book.

Four women pursuing different things, with different character share an apartment in Newyork. Their bitter past keeps them from moving into the future, and the story is about how they overcome their fears and find love.

There is nothing much to say except for the writer was in such a hurry to finish it she bypassed the editing, I think ( just like this post😉).


The blue umbrella -Ruskin Bond

I had forgotten that I like children novels until Amazon recommended me ‘The Blue Umbrella’ by Ruskin Bond. Suddenly all my love for comics and children stories resurfaced, and I ordered it immediately, and as soon as it arrived, I finished reading the 88 pages of the sweet little book in 45 min. It is my first Ruskin bond read, and I have already ordered two more.

It is the story of a girl and her blue umbrella which is obvious from the title. So this little girl Binya trades her tiger claw necklace, which is believed to bring luck and it did bring luck to Binya because of which she was able to get the umbrella, for the new umbrella. Soon the umbrella became the talk of the little village, and everyone wished that they had one like it. A shopkeeper was one among them and all his tactics to lay his hands over the umbrella failed. She had to fight with nature and men to keep it safe, and she took it along with her everywhere she went, and it protected her from sun, rain, wind and even from a serpent once. She refused to close it even while at home. The once bright blue umbrella became a milky blue one. The rain and sun changed its colour, but they couldn’t change her love for the umbrella. After a bitter incident, she decided not to flaunt it because it brought out the bad in others and somehow she felt responsible for that and later she decided to share it with everyone. Binya’s umbrella became the village’s.

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-11 at 6.21.09 PM

It is a simple story, but the way of writing, the village, the characters, the wind, the monsoon, the Illustrations, two cows (Neelu and Gori) made it a wonderful read. It even broke my writing dormancy and made me write this post. This story brought back the “Heidi” and good old “Tinkle” memories. Even now I couldn’t resist “Tinkle” when I see one in a bookshop stand.
Yes, it is a Children’s book, but why should only children have all the fun. It is a good read for the adults too and a wonderful gift for kids.

P.S. This is my first post in the Read with me category and there are many more to come.