IBMC #06 The Mass Media Challenge

This post is a part of the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge

” My First Story”


Thendral was sitting out on the porch trying to get a view of the lake through the thick fog. She was kind, good, inquisitive and bold Twelve-year-old girl. She visited her grandparents in Ooty every summer. She liked The Nilgiri Mountain Train, the morning walks looking at the grasses covered by frozen dew drops on both sides of the road, the garden and waterfalls, occasional hailstones, cardamom and cinnamon flavoured evening air around the bakery next street.

BeFunky Collage

She liked everything about the place. She even didn’t mind the thick rain and fog which has been keeping her from going out for the past seven days. She enjoyed sitting on the porch reading as much as she enjoyed roaming around in Ooty. When she had completed the books that her grandpa bought her, she started reading the newspaper though she couldn’t understand most of the articles.

She had finished reading that day’s paper and was sitting outside. After a week long of rain, fog and no sun, it started to get bright. The sun was shining through the fog, and she could see the lake and the trees beyond. She told her grandma that she was going out for a walk and would be back before Lunch. She walked down the road towards the lake breathing in the fresh, crisp morning air. She liked to take the mud path that leads to a place surrounded by trees, that no one cared to visit, where she could enjoy the view without the disturbance of the noisy tourists.

While she started walking in her favourite mud path towards her secret place, she heard a voice getting closer and closer. She went close enough to see and hear the person. He was Mr Kumar, Grandpa’s friend. He didn’t see her coming that way. He was talking to somebody over the phone. She didn’t mean to overhear, but her curious mind couldn’t help it. She felt something odd about the conversation. The otherwise kind and jolly Mr Kumar sounded serious. Her brain started to connect the phone talk to the article titled ” How women with nice skin are forced to ‘Sell’ their skin to make rich people beautiful” that she read the other day. The agents kidnapped the women, cut out a part of their skin without their consent and trafficked it illegally. Or at least that was what she understood from that article.

Mr.Kumar – In search of skin, colour no matter, brighter or darker. ( Thendral to herself: God. Is he a skin agent? What skin is he talking about?)

Opposite end – (not audible)

Mr.Kumar- Tell no one. ( Thendral to herself: See ..he wants it to be a secret)

Opposite end- (Inaudible)

Mr Kumar- Ya, I will take someone.

Opposite End- (Inaudible)

Mr Kumar- Ssssshhhhh! Ghost me! I know it doesn’t cost that much. I am old but not stupid. Ok ! ( Thendral to herself: Oh. Negotiation. Hmm..I can’t let this happen)

Opposite End- (Still Inaudible)

Mr Kumar- Oh God. Ok fine. You need not come. I will come and collect it in The Ooty tea house.

Opposite End – (No hope)

Mr Kumar- Yes. The one near the Charing-cross. Fine? Today at 3.00Pm. Don’t be late. Bye. ( Thendral to herself: I’ll follow him and find out what it’s and will call the police if needed)

Mr Kumar turned and was mildly shocked to see Thendral. Then he managed to smile. Thendral didn’t smile back. She wanted to confront him with his illegal skin business but decided it would be wise to follow him instead. He came near her thinking something. She looked at him without saying anything.

Mr Kumar- Is your grandpa home?

Thendral- He was getting ready to go out. Why?

Mr Kumar- I want him to accompany me to the Charing-cross.

(Thendral to herself- So you are trying to get my grandpa involved in this)

Thendral – May I ask why?

Mr Kumar (after a bit of hesitation)- Ok. I could use your help too. You should keep it a secret dear. You know my grandson Aadhi, right? It’s his birthday today. As it has been raining for the whole week, I couldn’t plan anything. The weather is good now, and I am planning to surprise him with a party. Aadhi likes skinny jeans and has been begging his father to buy one. I am thinking of getting him the Jean as a birthday present. I have asked my friend to help me buy one. I have to collect it from him.

Thendral- ” ”

Mr Kumar- Thendral dear, can you please get the cake from the bakery in the afternoon? I will be going to Charing-cross to get the gift.

Thendral- mm..Sure. I will. You don’t worry. Let’s rock the party. I will come later to plan the other things.

Mr Kumar- Thanks, dear. Now I’ll hurry. I’ll have to catch your grandpa before he leaves. I have many things to plan . Be careful, the road is slippery. Bye

Thendral felt stupid. Resolving not to judge or come to a conclusion without analysing, she walked towards the lake.


Thendral- How’s my story grandpa? Do you like it? Do you like it?

Grandpa- It’s good dear. I loved it. You have mentioned me in your story. You should think of a title too. I am glad that you like Ooty so much. I feel bad that I couldn’t take you out because of the rain.

Thendral- It’s ok grandpa. I enjoy the rain too.

Grandpa- Wow! Look, It stopped raining. Get ready. Let’s go to the botanical garden. On our way back let’s go to the bakery and have something.

Thendral jumped with joy and ran in to get ready.



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