IBMC#05-Thoughts during maths class

It is the maths hour now. I wish the teacher is on leave today. No..she is here.
hmm.. My Wishes will come true when the sun rises in the west. Who named the directions? If they had named the West as the East and the East as the West, the sun would have risen in the west now.

It’s Calculus. She is already through the introduction. What was I doing? What are the derivatives, the delta, theLimits? I should stop dreaming. Ok, let me ask her to explain it again. Or should I wait for somebody else to ask? I am confused. Should I sound or should I echo? Let me be quiet.

Yesterday’s class was easy. I learnt the value of Pi. It is 3.141. Or is it 1.414? There it is. I am getting confused again. Ok, 22/7 is Pi. So it should be 3.141. What is 1.414? I’ll find that later. Thank God! I am not that stupid. What is this letter Pi? Why does everything have to be in Greek?

What is the time now? 11.11. Why do I always look at the watch when it is 11.11? Is God trying to say something to me? Do I have any special power? Hmm.. I don’t know. But I know that I am special. Ha ha.

What is she teaching now? I don’t understand anything. Look at the others. Everybody is enjoying the class. Why couldn’t I? Maybe the teacher doesn’t know how to explain. Einstein said, ” You don’t understand anything if you can’t explain it to your grandmother”. But he has told many things that most of the people in the world don’t understand. Hmm.

Is somebody calling me? Oh no! It’s the teacher. She is asking me a question. I know I don’t know the answer. She knows I don’t know. God help me! He would be busy maintaining the universe. He doesn’t have time for these petty issues. Where does he live? I guess on this Earth. Did God make the world or did people make God and Religion? Will the extraterrestrial people have a god too? What would their religion be? Haha, who knows?

Oh no, did I laugh out loud? I have a question to answer, the teacher is waiting, and I laughed. “Thoughts- They do what we don’t ask for.” She is chiding me. She is telling that I won’t learn anything and will fail if I don’t pay attention and I can laugh and laugh again sitting in the same class.
Oh, I don’t have to answer all the questions to pass. I am good at many other things. Nobody is good at all the things.

We pretend to think of one thing, and we think of everything else. This is what I do in most of the Maths classes, pretending to listen but thinking of all the other things. I have to learn to control my thoughts. I have to learn to listen to the maths lectures. Yes, I will try. Let me start it now!

And the bell rings!! Yay! No more maths for the next 23 hours.


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8 thoughts on “IBMC#05-Thoughts during maths class

  1. I taught Calculus for many years so I recognize the look you describe. On March 14, we had a tradition of bringing pies to class to celebrate Pi Day.

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