A new perspective

This post is a part of Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge The task is if you were to see something with a fresh new perspective, what would it be? Give a baby step to something and explore this new perception and dimension with your engaging thoughts. You can give fresh meaning to a new word, sentence,... Continue Reading →


Five sentence challenge This week's prompt- Soul That rejection was humiliating, pulled out my soul, ate all my happiness like a Dementor's kiss. It looked like a red signal, the end of my world. But that was Yellow, the time I got to pull myself together and get ready for the beautiful turns. It was... Continue Reading →

Who is that Solomon Grundy?

This post is a part of Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge The task is to pick a nursery rhyme and make a new interpretation of it. This is not like the other joyful, upbeat nursery rhymes. They say this is an exercise for the children to remember the days of the week. I remember reading this... Continue Reading →

This or that?!

This post is a part of Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge The task is to select an article from any newspaper and discuss. I have chosen an article from "The Hindu" dated June 18, 2017. (link) India is diverse in many aspects. Linguistic diversity is one among them. After independence, the leaders reorganised the states of... Continue Reading →

IBMC #06 The Mass Media Challenge

This post is a part of the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge " My First Story" Thendral was sitting out on the porch trying to get a view of the lake through the thick fog. She was kind, good, inquisitive and bold Twelve-year-old girl. She visited her grandparents in Ooty every summer. She liked The Nilgiri... Continue Reading →

Reader’s Block

Volume According to the urban dictionary, you have reader's block when you cannot, for the life of you, pick up a book and read it. Sure, you may be able to read a paragraph or two, or maybe even a page, but you don't retain anything of what you just read or have the attention... Continue Reading →


Triumph The crowing of the roosters is wakening the village. The men and the women have started doing their morning rituals. The Kids are stirring up to the sounds of women’s sweeping the floor and sprinkling water at the front of the house. I see the women drawing Kolam (Kolam is a drawing made by... Continue Reading →

IBMC #3 Risk for a random challenge

Randomness and pointlessness assured! Laughter, surely not. One, Two, the sky is blue Three, Four, Lions roar Five, Six, Donkey kicks Seven, Eight, clean your plate Nine, Ten, saw a sea pen Eleven, Twelve, light the stove Thirteen, Fourteen, where have you been Fifteen over sweet sixteen Seventeen, Eighteen, don't make scene Nineteen is the... Continue Reading →

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