On the way to my office, I saw two puppies sleeping next to each other holding each others paw. It was so cute that I stopped walking and stood there for a while at the cuteness until they woke up and started coming towards me. I jumped and started running, and I was the entertainment of the day for the people there. They would probably be wondering how could a grown-up woman be scared of cute little pups? I am not scared of insects or snakes. I am scared of Dogs.

It all started when I was Five. It was a cold early Sunday morning. While every other kid in the neighbourhood was still nestled in bed, my sister and I decided to play outside with my parents thinking that we were still asleep. I got bored after some time but my sister wanted to keep playing, and so I left her out. I forgot that she was still out and locked the door.

After a while, we heard a scream, and I recognised it as my sister’s, and I was scared. I remember only then that she was out and knew that something bad has happened. We saw her weeping and running towards our home. She was bitten by a dog. Poor little girl! Thankfully we had a rabies research centre in the next town, and she had to take painful injections. Everything was back to normal, but I was full of guilt, and it all turned into the phobia. From then I have been avoiding the streets and friends home where there are dogs.

After another incident, my fear for dogs grew stronger, and I officially became cynophobic. It was a street dog. It kept following. It didn’t chase or bite. It just kept copying my pace. It slowed down when I did; it stopped when I stopped, it was following me all the way long and was waiting for an hour outside. It was creepy, and I felt like living in a ghost movie. I tried finding out why dogs do that but couldn’t. If anybody knows what it is, please do share.

I want to play with dogs and befriend them, but the only thing I could do is look at the sleeping ones while my sister who was the one affected has a pet dog now and is playing happily with him.

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12 thoughts on “Cynophobia.

  1. you need to start tutorials….however you would have realised that….thank God….it is a dog….when the creepy one followed you….they are the humans best pet….so they tend to befriend…nothing special…a compassionate look does it all….

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  2. I love dogs more than most things, so I feel so bad that you had a bad experience that made you feel this way! I’d say that the best way to get over it is to probably be with someone who loves dogs and one small, clearly harmless dog, so you can try interacting with it in your own time once you can see for sure that it can’t harm you at all. And once you get used to one dog like that, try being exposed to more until the fear gets less. Maybe if your sister has a friendly dog you can start right there!

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    1. Yes you are right. I like dogs. It’s like a scary ride. you are scared but at the same time you want to go on it. I will try with my sister’s dog. he is very friendly ,he even followed my sis to bus stop one day got on the bus searching her.
      Thanks for your suggestions and for reading too!!😊

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  3. I too love dogs…I had many and even now planning to bring home one but what the intresting part is I too am afraid of street dogs and the pet dogs of others. I am not phobic but yes they do scare shit out of me. Sometimes I get scared of mine also…😅 strange right?

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  4. I love dogs, but one chased me once on my bike. I kept thinking it was going to bite my calf but I went fast enough that it never could quite catch me. It was really traumatizing, though. I hate the breed it was now. Min Pin. Ugh. Nice dogs are the best though. They love you and cuddle with you. It’s so so sweet. I hope you can learn to get along with them. Keep writing!

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