Happy Teacher’s Day!!

It has been weeks since I posted anything and I started getting dreams about it. It is a sign that I miss writing. So I decided to write today but have to maintain a posting schedule. It’s funny to think about a schedule as if people are waiting to read my posts. But discipline is important, isn’t it? Besides I read somewhere that we should forget that we are writing for others and have to write for ourselves first.

I took a new job last month and have been busy learning and getting used to the new place and people. It is fun, and I lose track of time in the office. I am posted in a rural area, and after and an eventful ride on a bus for an hour and a half I reach the place drained. As soon as we open the place, people start to rush in as if it is a park. I am not a fan of banks when I used to be a customer, and I avoid every chance I get to go there, so this surprises me. The customers are mostly elderly who are bored at home and use the place as a meeting spot. They don’t mind waiting and won’t go even after getting their work done. I enter the office by 10, and in no time 2 pm and 6 pm happens which is a good thing. Evening bus ride is even more eventful than the morning ones.

So, on my way to work today a group of teachers got on the bus on their usual stop. They were all extra cheerful and were wearing colour coordinated sarees (not the uniform)and even the otherwise dull school kids looked excited. While I was trying to figure out what it was, I got a message in a chat group wishing Teacher’s day. I wished my teacher had a little chat which brought back lots of memories of the day the whole class got punished for not behaving, the day the teacher digressed and talked about Jurassic Park, teacher’s day celebrations, occasional the day I got noticed, the day I got mentioned in class for my essays, occasional outdoor classes under the tree, school picnics and many more. It is not the enzyme kinetics or calculus but their encouragement and the life skills that they taught shaped us into what we are now.

P.S. This is a short post but something is better than nothing. My friend used to say Nothing is better than doing something nonsense. Ha ha. I believe this post makes some sense



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