Remember me?

Zhana was sitting in a coffee shop, staring blankly at the rain drops. Her favourite tea and a book were in front of her, untouched. The shop was empty with only zhana and a girl in the counter. Her contemplation of nothing was interrupted by the view of a man running towards the shop. The rain blurred his face but not height, which reminded her of somebody from her past.

when he came closer she saw his face, and her heart skipped a beat. It was Zac, her college crush which developed into love and was not expressed at all. She choked with the thoughts, that she had contained or she thought she had contained so far, that rushed in breaking the flood gates. She remembered how she went to the violin class to look at him and listen to him playing it. Other than the literature class, he was the only thing that she was interested in, in that college.

She remembered how she thought he looked at her, kept coming wherever she went, his eyes brightened whenever he saw her and also how he fell in love with another girl, and how she suffered unable to forget him, and how long it took to get over him. She felt so stupid to think that he liked her.

While she was thinking, he came in pushing the door, bringing along with him a chill gust of wind. He looked around the almost empty shop for a comfortable table. He saw her, and his eyes lit, the same way it used to. She felt it but was not ready to be fooled again, so stopped the eye contact and started pretending to read. Zac stood there for a second. Then he moved to the counter, ordered a coffee and sat at a table behind Zhara’s.

The smell of the brewing coffee filled the air bringing in the memories. He took the literature course to be with Zhana. He had developed feelings for her the very first day he saw her in the violin class. He thought she came to the class to be with him. He took the classes she took, he felt happy and lighted up whenever he saw her. He thought she liked him.

How stupid was I to think that she was interested in me? Or was she interested but I couldn’t see that? Should I have approached her like Jane approached me? Should I try talking to her at least now?

His thoughts were interrupted by the Coffee. He thanked the girl and took a sip while debating whether to talk or not. He looked at the rain trying to wash off all those memories in it. Convincing himself that she wouldn’t have even known that he existed, he finished his coffee.

Both of them were so engrossed in their thoughts that they didn’t notice the rain had stopped. They were brought back to the present by the sound of the people getting in. Sighing, they rose to leave. They looked at each other when they came to the door.Resisting their urge to talk, they left the shop.

Zhana started walking with a heavy heart. Zac stood there watching her go. He decided to talk to her. Who cares if she hadn’t known him in the past. He didn’t want to miss it this time. Zhana wanted to talk, too.

Does he recognise me? You wouldn’t know unless you ask.

Resolved, she stopped and turned. He was coming towards her. She looked at him unbelievingly. He came closer and asked, Hey Zhana. Do you remember me?

The Theme
A humiliating rejection
Brewing coffee


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