8 random things about Bibliophiles

As a bibliophile and a person who enjoys “X” things about “y” kind of posts, I have always wanted to write one such article about books, and yes now I have a blog and what can stop me.

Apart from reading books, bibliophiles share other interesting traits and you might have some of these if you are one. On many occasions, your love for books might have irritated someone and/or someone might have irritated you with their irrelevant comments on your bibliophilic habits, but who cares, they do not live in your book world and don’t understand its language.

1. Book clearance sale is more attractive than a Designer brand clearance


Bibliophiles enjoy books so much that they end up spending all the money they have in a book shop and do not regret. They even buy books that they haven’t heard of or that is not their genre, if it has a huge discount. My cousin and I went to a library for its clearance sale. she bought Gray’s anatomy which was sold 90%off on its original price and guess what she is a Computer engineer. Who in the right mind (or who, who thinks that they are in right mind) would miss it?
A posh shop of any kind would make me uncomfortable, but a bookshop, be it posh or simple, is a heaven. I am not interested in visiting malls unless it has a book shop in it. Every other shop except food court and books shop is irrelevant.

2. Their needs are simple


They don’t expect an expensive jewellery or a theme park visit or a fancy dinner or a branded shoe for a gift. Get them a newly released book( even a paperback will do) and let them be alone, that would be the most cherished gift. Even a simple book mark will make them happy.


3. They enjoy making their home suitable to hoard more books

BeFunky Collage

They find joy not only in buying books but also in getting things to arrange them. Window shopping for shelves and desks of different shapes and sizes is one of their hobbies. They don’t mind cramming their space with bookshelves for an ever growing book collection. Arranging, rearranging, looking at it, taking in the smell of a new book is a kind of spiritual experience to them. They decorate their home with books and stationeries.

4. They don’t feel alone anywhere

Read anywhere

Be it a waiting hall or a queue or a party or travel, the next minute they feel left alone or bored the books come to their rescue. They take books everywhere like people take their pets.

5. They love being surrounded by books

Book shop

Just being in the proximity of the books will amuse them, they don’t even have to read it. They love the looks and the smell of books shops so much that sometimes they even would have considered quitting their jobs and becoming a librarian or starting a book shop.

6. Lending books is one of their pet peeves

No lending

They would lend money, dress and jewellery, but books? No!. Of course, it will make them happy to know that their friend is interested in a book they have, but the fear of forgetting, not getting it back, food accidents, dirty cover, torn pages, folded corners, won’t allow them to lend.

7. Tough reads are their pet projects

Tough read
Tough reads

They don’t like being told that they cannot read a book. They like challenging themselves with those hard reads. Though they have barely finished a chapter since it was bought, they refuse to give up. They keep trying again and again and even buy annotated versions to complete it.

8. Having a friend as bookish as they are.

Book friends

They probably have a childhood book nerd friend, with whom they have read books under the table during class hours, laughed and got punished for it. They often visit the other person to check their collection secretly and try to outnumber it. This book hoarding competition goes on forever.

Are you a bibliophile and do you have any of these traits?


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Book friends Image from http://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-two-people-reading-books-1753417.html


9 thoughts on “8 random things about Bibliophiles

  1. Hey mee too..🙋 and yes I have all the traits…😅 and you know what? Twice in my life I lent my books to friends and they didn’t returned😐 I still curse myself for that and keep remembering how I enjoyed reading those books or what was written in there how the characters reacted and felt…😢 but now 8 lying in my thoughts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Same here. i hesitate to show my collectns to people who are not serious about books or who are nt prompt in returning the borrowed ones


      1. And thanks for reading the posts and commenting😊. The day started slightly unwell. knowing that someone likes our writing and could relate to it is a special feel.


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