Waiting at the Dental Clinic


Like most of the people, I have once had wisdom teeth and got that extracted. The pain of the extraction and stitching was far better than the interminable waiting at the doctor’s clinic. I don’t mind waiting for a delayed train, standing in a very long queue, putting my niece to sleep (it’s one of the toughest tasks), waiting for my friend who tells that she is on the way but haven’t even started. But it’s impossible for me to wait at the clinic. The unpredictable waiting time, the agony of the sickness, distressed faces of fellow patients, and Doctor’s secretary trying to mask the irritation with a smile combine and makes the wait unpleasant.

I usually get an appointment but sometimes nothing works out, and we have no other choice except to wait for hours. I went to the clinic and found that there were four people and it would take at least an hour for my turn to come. Preparing my mind, I sat on the sofa, and I didn’t dare to start a conversation with any body because they looked sullen.

I didn’t take a book with me, so I had no other option except watching the fish in the tank. Fish watching is said to lower the stress and calm down the waiting patients. The tank had a filtration system, a light, gravel and a big fish. The fish was silver in colour, an Arowana ( ha ha I browsed it) and was too big for the tank. They have bought the wrong tank, I thought. The fish had a very little swimming space and was all alone. I know nothing about pets and prefer plants to animals. So I was not sure whether the condition of the fish was okay.

I started thinking what would I have done if I were that fish in that tank. The same fish food for the whole life, the company of the filter bubbles and gravel, strangers talking to me and feeling bad for my condition, little space to stretch, kids poking the glass. No! The mere thought suffocated me. I looked away from the tank, and suddenly the uninteresting waiting room became eventful, and I was happy to wait even longer. I was happy for being me and grateful for what I had. I went to the receptionist and asked about the fish size, and she told they are planning to get a big tank. The fish sure did help me wait patiently for my turn.

Image from http://www.pristineaquariums.com.au/gallery-fresh-water.html


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