IBMC #01- The perfect match

I have been watching cricket since the times of Mohammad Azharuddin, not because I liked it but because I had nothing else to watch on the TV. I am not a cricket buff and don’t know inswing, outswing or what other technical terms meant. The most memorable match was ICC world Cup Final 2011. The Finals day was like a festival, and the excitement gripped even the cricket detesters. Everybody in the neighbourhood gathered on the street and watched it on the giant screen and cheered for each ball. Some people went to the extent that they refused to move even an inch from where they stood because of the thought that the wicket fell when they moved. India’s victory, Dhoni’s captaincy, a decent target (not too low or too high), shaky start, ridiculous superstitions, Dhoni’s match finishing Sixer, Yuvaraj on the opposite end, cheering neighbourhood, Sachin’s world cup victory (at last). That was the perfect match that I have ever seen.


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