Insignificant yet enthralling.

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Insignificant but enthralling is our lives in this universe.

The vastness of the Universe is unfathomable. Our earth which is 4.5 billion years old, living beings occupying it for the past 3.7 billion years and has been undergoing n number of changes since its origin is a teeny bit in this Universe. And we Humans are close to nothing when compared to it.

This may be true, but it should not make us question the purpose of this life. The evolution may be a phenomenon without any purpose, but its products have been populating the Earth for so long. They have made this earth lively and vibrant. When we get scared or confused by thinking of our significance in this universe, we should look around us. Every living thing, flowers, colours, rain, mountains, friends, blogs, books, inventions, phones are here for a reason. Matter wise we may not be significant, but our existence is real.

Though the geocentric theory is disproved, there are people on this earth who still think that universe revolves around their world and everything in this world is theirs to exploit, their’s is the only faith, their’s is the only way, and everything else is insignificant.
We have the rights to take pride in our Language, Country and Belief but deriding or forcing one’s way on others’ is unacceptable. We may have a great history but so do others. The concept of Superlatives has been the reason for conflicts since the origin of Human, but that is meaningless when we understand our position in this universe.

Trying to prove ourselves superior or doubting the importance of life would get us nowhere.
Let us realise our position in this universe and enjoy our existence.


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