The power of positivity

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I am yet to find out how positivity works at larger levels like society. But I know it works quite well at an individual level.

I quit my job some two years ago and started preparing for a national level competitive exam. I collected the materials, planned well and started with zeal. After a year and a half, I was still preparing but was nowhere near the goal. I kept reading but didn’t believe I would succeed.I had been doing all the things which were proscribed for being successful like procrastination. Negative things don’t come alone. Procrastination delayed things leading to falling off track and I started comparing my performance with others’. Days went with futile attempts to read and nights contemplating. I even thought of quitting.

One night I had a thought out of nowhere. I decided to analyse what went wrong. If so many people could clear the exam, why can’t I? A positive way of comparing. Wasn’t that? I found that I had been accumulating lots of not so positive thoughts. At that time I had lost all my hopes and truly believed that I wouldn’t succeed. As there was nothing more to lose and there was nothing to fear of I thought of spending the rest of the time till the exam trying out positive things for a change.

Fear of loss stops us from doing anything brave. I didn’t have that fear because I was sure that I wouldn’t and so tried out many things which I hadn’t tried earlier. I read motivational articles, created a pleasant reading environment, surrounded myself with positive thoughts and meditated. This environment infused a wave of energy and I was on track again, on a correct one. Everything started to fall into place. As I already had a plan and materials, everything went well. I cleared the exam and secured a job.

Actions do play a part but the thoughts play the major role in converting a hopeless situation to a success.
Enough of being a negative person. For a change let us try to be positive. After all, what is there to lose?


8 thoughts on “The power of positivity

  1. Nice write-up. Loving the positive vibes that you are writing on top, disseminating them into the betterment of the future readers, being an inspiration to the generation of uncertainties. Really intrigued by your write-up, sending me into a perfect rumination of your perspective. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!

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