Books- A respite from daily mess

via Daily Prompt: Reprieve


I looked up the dictionary for the word Reprieve. It said that this word means a temporary relief from a bad situation and found respite as one of its synonyms.

I read books for pure enjoyment. But sometimes When I feel low for no reason, when I think about turning 30, when I have a bad day, when I fight with my friends, when I get bored, when I have nothing to do I turn to books for comfort.

I get teleported and start to imagine myself as a character from the book and forget time, food, friends sleep and when I sleep I get the book dreams. Especially when I read book series I would not be in this world until the series is over. I love that phase and the book hangover would last for a week.

Reading is a good kind of addiction, I would say. You don’t need anaesthetics, alcohol or any other substance to numb your feelings. There is always the book, a very healthy alternative.

Read. Whatever may be the genre, you will learn something.

Kandadhum karka pandidhan aavan- A Tamil Saying
(which means if you read whatever comes your way you will become a scholar- A horrible translation though)


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