Do not Survive. Live.

via Daily Prompt: Survive

We are gifted with only one life.

Aridhu Aridhu Maanidaraai Pirathal aridhu, Athilum Koon, kurudu,sevidu pedu neengi pirathal aridhu, gnanamum kalviyum nayathal aridhu, dhanamum dhaanamum seivadharidhu.

To be born human is rare, and that too without any disability is a blessing.
Also rare is to have the free will to seek knowledge, to learn and to have the ability to do charity/help others.
-Avvaiyar, Tamil Poet

So why to waste the gift with just surviving? why waste it by fighting over the insignificant? Different people have a different opinion on how to live life. Mine is to be good and do good.

We came here with little and leave here with little. So let us enjoy and be grateful for all the things we have. Let us be good and do good or at least let us not be harmful to others. We survive by eating food and drinking water. We live by helping others. Do whatever makes you happy but not at the cost of others rights.

Ao vivo. Spread happiness.


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